Real Estate Sales Services

Offered by Skate 2 Invest Sales Team

Purchaser Representation

As a purchaser, we provide Full Service representation.You tap into our expertise, with little to no cost to yourself.

1. Properties listed by local Realtors/MLS:
$200 refundable at purchase Retainer Fee

2. Properties Listed by  FISBO (for sale by owner):
2.5% of sale price paid by Purchaser, unless negotiated otherwise with Seller

$200 Retainer Fee
2.5% for FISBO properties

Purchaser  Consultation

During your "exploring real estate market" phase, you may consult with our expertise without feeling any guilt or remorse. No purchase necessary.
With our one time flat fee, we will take you on a journey of exploring (showing) different markets up to 50 properties.
If at any point you decide to purchase, the flat fee will be refunded at Settlement of your next dream home

$200 One Time Flat Fee

Sale/Listing Representation

We offer several Listing Representations:

1. Independent Contractor (see Purchaser Consultation)
2. Limited Services
3. Full Service

Depending on your individual need and budget, we will work with you to come up with the best plan for your individual situation.

$ Case by Case

Tenant Representation

MLS rentals

As a local resource, we would love the opportunity to find your next rental home. Primary sources of rentals Realtors are connected to are derived from local MLS since the Landlord typically will cover our service fee. In which case, Tenant pays a nominal fee for professional assistance in finding a new home.

We specialize in assisting military families and  government officials who may be working with tight deadlines.

$150 Flat Fee

Non-MLS Tenant Representation

Non-MLS rentals

This covers any rental listed directly by Owner or an Apartment building.

In addition to MLS, there are several local sources of information, a tenant can search without Realtor Representation.
Craigslist (use caution to avoid scammer)
Local Facebook pages (ask for info)

Realtor representation for non-MLS listings can be done for a nominal fee.

25% Of Monthly Rent

Landlord Representation

We specialize in leasing properties under 30 days!

Every Landlord could benefit from a professional Landlord Representation. Whether you are a first time accidental Landlord or this is your 25th investment property, we understand your needs! 

Services include:
1. Market-readiness consultation
2. Providing all required legal county & state specific Disclosures
3. Coordinating necessary pre-listing repairs.
4. Light staging
5. Professional photography

Retainer fee covers photography and staging and is subtracted from final commission upon completed lease.

$ One Month of Rent
$ Retainer fee 35% of Rent

Renovation & Executive Services

Offered by Skate 2 Invest Executive Team

Renovation Oversight

Pre-sale renovation selections are the driving force for maximizing your ROI (return on investment).

With over 15 years of expertise, covering both luxury industry and investment portfolios - no project is too large or too small.

Let us be your "everything renovation" resource.

$ Negotiable

Property Management

Limited Services Property Management is available for any type of residential property. This service includes:

1. Maintenance oversight of property
2. Coordinating repairs with contractors/handyman
3. Bi-Annual Property Inspections
4.  Property maintenance recommendations

$ Monthly Flat Fee

Executive Assistance

Services include but not limited to:

1. Bookkeeping
2. Executive Assistant
3. Vendor selection
4. Furniture Selection
5. Driving to appointments


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